The Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas to Buy a Home

Often called the emerald of the desert, Green Valley Ranch is another planned community offering resort-style comfort, security, and convenience in the Las Vegas area. According, the neighborhood is located at the southeast end of the greater Las Vegas area and spans 1,300 acres. In this spacious neighborhood there are approximately 4,000 single-family homes and condos spread across 25 even smaller communities in the neighborhood. These smaller areas within the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood allow residents to enjoy a true sense of community and neighbor interaction, giving each area of ​​Green Valley Ranch its own small town charm.

The neighborhood also offers two acres designated for schools, recreation areas, parks, and landscaped open spaces, as well as 300 acres designated for commercial purposes. This diverse use of zoning across Green Valley Ranch ensures residents enjoy suburban-style residential streets, easy access to parks and schools for those with children, and convenient commutes to offices, shopping and restaurants in the neighborhood. With a median price of just $463,000 and access to everything you could possibly need, owning a home in Green Valley Ranch is ideal for many potential homeowners.

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