Sale of freehold apartments in the Minato district of Tokyo for September 2021


Below is a map that details the freehold condos sold for the month of September 2021 in the Minato district of Tokyo.

Data on leasehold condominium sales have been excluded from the compilation.

The data comes from REINS and is manually placed on Google maps.

The map is best viewed on a PC or tablet. Mobile navigation is possible, but the information is easier to digest with a larger screen in a web browser window, not the Google Maps app.

How to use the card

Watch the under two minute video below on the best way to use the above card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these all transactions that took place within the given time frame?

No. These are all transaction records that have been recorded in the REINS system but should not be interpreted as a complete ledger of all transactions.

Japan’s real estate law does not require agencies to publish transaction records, but industry regulators encourage publication on a voluntary basis.

Real estate companies pay monthly property access and search fees to REINS and one way to reduce these costs is to publish more transaction data.

That said, the system is still voluntary, so not all transactions are recorded. Usually the data is finer around marquee areas and higher budget properties.

Additionally, large real estate companies with a long track record usually have their own proprietary transaction records which they use to supplement the sales data found on REINS.

Is this the same access to transaction records as real estate agents?

Yes, with regard to freehold transactions recorded on REINS. Transactions recorded on the card are all entries recorded for the given period and for the given property type on the date of publication on REthink Tokyo.

How can I verify that the data is correct?

If you are an agent in Japan, cross-check the information presented on the card with what you find in the transaction recording section (in Japanese 成 約) of REINS.

If you are a consumer, you will need to use an agent in Japan, as REINS is only accessible to real estate companies.

Are the data correct?

Yes, but it was compiled manually from REINS and although great efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, you may find an error.

An example is the spelling of the building name in English. An effort has been made to verify each record with English-language real estate sites to find an easily searchable spelling, but there are cases where this confirmation has not been possible.

In these cases, we have made our best guess. The name of the Japanese building has been included in the data to eliminate any doubt as to the specific building to which the record refers.

Other small typos may be present.

If you find any error, please email us at [email protected] and we will correct it immediately.


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