Freehold condos for sale in Manhattan

Posted by Wei Min Tan on Jun 27, 2022

manhattan, freehold condos for sale in New York can all be accessed through the database below which represents all of the inventory in Manhattan. Freehold vs leasehold is a British concept. Customers of the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and hong kong are used for full ownership against the lease. In Manhattan, almost all properties are freehold. The exception is Battery Park where the land is leased, and the common charges reflect the rent paid at the Battery Park Authority.

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Own a full ownership ownership means that you own both the property and the land on which it is built, indefinitely. Meanwhile, owning property through a lease The arrangement means that you own the property or land for a fixed term, therefore the lease has a discount on freehold property.

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What we do

We focus on of global investors buy condos in Manhattan for portfolio diversification and long-term return on investment.
1) Identify the right purchase according to the objectives
2) Manage the buying process
3) Rent the property
4) Manage tenants
5) Market the property during the eventual sale

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