Five-story, $17 million condominium project proposed in West Allis

A five-story condominium building containing a mix of townhouses and condos is proposed for National Avenue in West Allis.

Transit Oriented Development, LLC is seeking to combine two properties on the south side of West National Avenue, west of 80th Street, for the $17 million development, according to city filings.

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The 87,048 square foot condominium building, which would be called Urban Pioneer, would contain units ranging from studios to “micro condos” to 2,000 square foot townhouses.

The name Urban Pioneer is a nod to the Pioneer District of West Allis, the National Avenue corridor between South 76th and South 86th streets, the city’s original historic settlement.

The West Allis Plan Commission will consider a special use application as well as site, landscaping and architectural plans for the proposed project on Wednesday.

The project would respond to a market demand, according to the developer

Jaqulynn Honl, outreach coordinator for the transit-oriented development, said the proposed development would fill a need in the city.

“The City of West Allis has seen a large influx of apartment builds into the area over the past two years,” Honl said in an email. “Given the abundance of apartments and the current demand for occupancy in this location, the Urban Pioneer condo and townhouse development is a timely addition to the market.”

If the project receives city approval, she said they hope to see construction begin this year.

Condos could help support nearby businesses

The condos would be a good fit for the Pioneer neighborhood, West Allis Director of Planning and Zoning Steve Schaer said in an email.

He said it would support nearby businesses, including Flour Girl & Flame, Cream City Print Lounge, Transactional skate shop and JC’s Pub and Grub.

“The development provides an opportunity to create additional traction/destination uses in this portion of West National Avenue,” Schaer said.

The overall height of the proposed building – 77.5 feet – would be comparable to that of the Heritage seniors’ apartments just to the east, he said.

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Structure designed to capture the “pioneering spirit” of the neighborhood

The building is designed to capture and pay homage to the “pioneer spirit” of the city’s historic pioneer district and its industrial roots, according to the proposal.

The two-story ground floor would be constructed with concrete panels to present an industrial strength to the base of the building.

The main entrance to the building would be at the corner of 80th and National.

“Here, the lobby meets the street as transparent floor-to-ceiling storefront-style windows provide an inviting look into the building from the sidewalk,” the proposal states.

Two-story townhouses with individual entrances and porches would line the building facade along West National Avenue.

The building would have a central tower accented by a faux stained glass window, designed to be an identifying feature of the urban pioneer.

A site plan shows the proposed location of Urban Pioneer, a development that would contain a mix of townhouses and condos along West National Avenue in West Allis.

Townhouses and condos of different sizes are available

Honl said the proposed development would be a mix of one- and two-bedroom ground-floor townhouses with lofts, open ceilings and attached garages, plus three additional floors of condos with access to underground parking. and on the surface.

Condos vary in size and type.

The largest would be two-bedroom, two-bathroom units with 1,800 square feet of space. The smaller ones would be “micro condos,” 500-square-foot studio apartments that Honl says are aimed at “serious urbanites who enjoy a smaller footprint and a sustainable lifestyle.”

Unit prices will range from $159,000 to $429,000, she said.

Urban Pioneer plans to have 12 different floor plans with “flexible space design”, giving owners the ability to use each unique space in a way that complements their lifestyle.

Interior highlights include custom windows, built-in appliances, walk-in showers and desired Noor lighting and window treatments, Honl said.

Modular utility walls provide storage, closet and entertainment needs, as well as features like space-saving Murphy beds.

Minimum parking requirement could be waived

The building would be serviced by 47 parking spaces, which is less than the minimum parking requirement of 73 spaces, according to the proposal.

But city staff are recommending that the city council waive the parking requirement because the proposal “aligns with the city’s proposed zoning code requirement, has a large number of parking spaces in the street, targets residents with fewer vehicles and is served by easy access to walking, cycling and public transit.

The 47 parking spaces would include 10 surface parking spaces and 37 underground parking spaces.

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